Frontline Workers

How are you holding up?


The Coronavirus outbreak is a challenging time personally and professionally. The contribution you’re making is extremely important. You’re on the front line and helping so many people in this uncertain time. 

But it’s equally important that you feel supported and safe.


This diagnostic is for you to tell your employer how you’re holding up. It only takes five minutes to complete, and your feedback can help to increase safety and support for you and your fellow workers.

Your answers are anonymous and come directly to Aequip. We will only share the overall findings with your employer. No individual can be identified.

Thanks for sharing how you’re feeling. And thanks for all you do.


Who should use the tool?

  • Pharmacy staff

  • Supermarket staff

  • Delivery drivers

  • Postal staff

  • Cleaning staff

  • Warehouse staff

  • Healthcare staff

  • Carers

  • Public transport staff

  • Other frontline workers


Who are you?




In the current crisis frontline workers are experiencing uncertainty, stress and lack of safety. But these important issues are not being captured in a systematic way that can equip you to effectively mitigate them. 


Yet, now more than ever, it’s critical for businesses to understand the needs and concerns of those workers who are keeping us all safe, fed and healthy.

Our free Frontline Worker Diagnostic can supply you with the data to identify stress points and the steps required to make employees feel supported and safe. 


How it works.


The Frontline Diagnostic tool is easy to introduce and requires minimal company input.

It’s a simple three step process:





The tool addresses five key questions:

  • Do workers feel that you’re taking appropriate steps to protect their health and safety?

  • What’s motivating workers to continue coming to work every day?

  • Do workers feel like they can speak up if there is an issue that can negatively impact their peers, customers or your organisation?

  • Do workers feel supported by their peers right now?

  • What more could you be doing to help workers on the frontlines?

Ready for your dedicated diagnostic?


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