Our purpose

At Aequip, we believe that everyone deserves the same chance to truly thrive at work.

Our mission

To create workplaces for the future with inclusive tools that give every employee a voice.


Aequip helps companies increase agility and improve performance by reducing friction, allowing day-to-day problems to get solved from the bottom-up and middle-out. We enable companies to quickly surface and action process improvements, while improving organisational listening at all levels.

Why now?

The disconnect between what the company knows and what employees experience undermines agility and productivity.  


The work environment is rapidly changing, and organisations must adapt quickly. A responsive culture requires trust between employee and employer in order to build transparency and confidence in decisions, working environment, and interpersonal relationships. 


Critical issues go unannounced or overlooked when employees don’t feel safe speaking up. The problem is amplified when the workforce is distributed and leadership is further removed from employees on the ground. This disconnect increases attrition costs and poses an unknown, unpredictable risk to businesses and their people.

How much faster could decisions be implemented if every line manager in your organisation could tap into the skills of your best manager? 


What value could be created if opportunities to improve the company were at the heart of everyone's job?

Why Aequip?

We believe that everyone has value, that everyone should feel included and that they belong. This belief led us to create a company founded in the principle of equality. Aequip comes from the Latin Aequipero, meaning to put on an equal level. It's our hope that Aequip can help to make that a reality.


Together we can create radically inclusive workplaces.

Our approach
The team

Aequip offers a mobile-first, double-feedback and listening loop that reduces friction and improves performance.


The product applies behavioural science design principles with safety (physical and psychological), trust and inclusion in mind to empower companies to:

1. Quickly surface and action process improvements;

2. Improve organisational listening at all levels;

3. Solve day-to-day problems from the bottom-up and middle-out.


We are helping employees to speak their truth, even when it’s hard. 

Aequip’s platform:

- Enables leaders to get rapid feedback on the clarity of their message, and identifying potential points of friction;

- Empowers employees to safely surface process improvements that they and leaders can action.

Aequip was built by a diverse team with a range of backgrounds and experiences. We're business leaders, technologists, and experts in behavioural change and gender violence research. We are from retail, restaurants, academia, and the tech world. We're from Europe, Asia, and North America. We’re able to bring perspectives from different sides of the conversation to provide a solution. Our unique perspectives enable us to create a bold vision for the workplace of the future.

Michael Hayato Vela (CEO, Co-founder)

Second time founder, Stanford, UCL School of Management, Zinc.vc.

Miriam Lahage (Co-founder)

30 year senior leader, TJX, eBay, Figleaves and Net-a-Porter.

Patryk Kubiak (CTO, Co-founder)

Serial entrepreneur and start-up CTO, Mobile app and full stack developer, Beam.


X and Why, People's Mission Hall, 20-30 Whitechapel Rd., London E1 1EW

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