In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re offering a simple and free tool to measure frontline worker wellbeing.

Frontline workers


Your problems 

have changed. Here's what we can do.

We bridge the gap between what the company knows and what employees experience to increase agility and productivity.

What if you could get ideas and innovation from every single employee?

Empowering every employee to make incremental improvements to the business.

What value could be created if opportunities to improve the company were at the heart of everyone's job?

Unlock value through leadership of self and others at every level.

How much faster could decisions be implemented if every line manager in your organisation could tap into the skills of your best manager?

Give line managers the confidence and the support to be their best selves.

What if communication was seamless in all directions?

Improve organisational listening at all levels. Our platform enables leaders and line managers to get rapid feedback on the clarity of their message, and identify potential points of friction

What would your company performance look like as a result?

Get targeted guidance on how improving workplace culture increases agility and productivity. Aequip’s recommendations are grounded in research, and tailored to your organisation's specific needs. 

Monitor change using data.


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